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ATM Fraud & Security Digest - June 2011 E-mail
Written by Douglas Russell   
Tuesday, 12 July 2011 15:00

ATM Skimming / Skimming / EFTPOS Compromise

A court in Pakistan asked the Federal Investigation Agency to investigate how a student obtained an ATM Skimming device. In Canada, a group of seven suspects were charged in relation to ATM skimming losses of CAD$245,000. Statistics released by the Irish Payments Services Organisation (IPSO) indicates ATM fraud is five times greater so far in 2011 compared to the same period in 2010. Switzerland experienced a significant increase in the number of ATMs targeted for ATM skimming in the first four months of 2011. 32 ATMs were targeted in 2009, 135 in 2010 and 225 to April 2011. Cases in the USA included a suspect from Bulgaria who fled the USA forfeiting bail of $10,000 which he had posted in cash. Incidents in the UK continued in June with mobile phone top-up-cards the most common medium used to encode card data skimmed at ATMs. In Australia, suspects from Romania were found guilty. Evidence showed they had transferred more than AUD$300,000 to Europe which they had gained from ATM skimming.

Card Trapping / Cash Trapping

Card trapping and cash trapping continued in Europe through June.

Ram Raid Attacks / Theft of ATM / Smash-and-Grab

Following a tip off via Facebook, Police in the US arrested ram raid suspects who had used a stolen backhoe. While transporting one suspect, the alert police officer noticed that the second suspect was in a car directly behind his police car. The second suspect was then arrested. In Australia, staff at a fuel station were threatened during a failed ram raid. Two suspects in the Republic of Ireland pleaded guilty to the theft of an ATM containing more than 230,000 Euros. In Croatia, a cable breaking prevented the theft of an ATM. UK ATM thefts included the use of cars, forklift trucks and diggers.

Safe Cutting / Safe Breaking / Theft from ATM

Suspects failed to gain access to an ATM in India using an oxyacetylene cutter when they ran out of gas. Police in Scotland (UK) investigated three aborted attempts to attack ATMs. In each incident a burglar alarm activated between 02:00hrs and 03:00hrs. Criminals in Canada received a prison sentence and a restitution order for CAD$90,000 for a number of ATM thefts. In a US incident, the suspect failed to gain cash, and also failed to spray paint over the CCTV lens after mistaking its location.

Explosive Attacks

ATM bombings continued in South Africa in June.

Event in Focus

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